Kufi Prayer Set in White


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Prayer set made from Cupra Fabric. Gold Glitter Embroidery. It is a white prayer dress in an abaya mood, where the lower and upper wings are overlapped and combined with snaps from the shoulder and one from the waist. On the front wing of the dress, from neck to floor, a special pattern is embroidered with gold glitter.

Wrap; It is Egyptian chiffon with a size of 70×200 cm. On one end, the Kufi pattern is embroidered as wrapping embroidery.

Prayer rug; Gold silvery embroidery is embroidered on silk velvet fabric. There is a voile lining at the base of the prayer rug and 80 gr fiber inside. A fine quilted stitch on the velvet indicates the direction of the Qibla.

Bag; It is made of silk velvet fabric in 37×40 x7 cm dimensions. It has a front cover and a large volume.

Size: Height: 1.50m, Bust: 66cm. / Size 2: Height: 1.60m, Chest: 76cm.


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